Gica Hagi announced the transfer of Ianis! "He has to play there." When he arrives at the new team


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Gheorghe Hagi participated in UCL Studio on Telekom Sport and provided important details on Viitorul's departure from Ianis.

It's been a year and a half since Ianis Hagi returned to Romania. His evolution and maturity during this period were obvious and he has long spoken about his departure for the second time. This time, Hagi excludes the first transfer of Fiorentina, when he never entered the calculations of the coach for the first team.

"The ideal move for Ianis would be a very good team playing football, which includes him in the project that 100% will play there." He is young, he has to play. You have to play to progress. Take the next steps in my career. This is the goal of the club, first and the club, to find a team. But he now has teams do not cry ", Hagi told Telekom Sport.

There were many variations for Ianis Hagi. Among them are Seville, Inter, Genk and Standard Liege. Hagi made his plan – the transfer will be made before the European under 21, from June 16. Whoever buys it until June 1 will have a special offer for the most appreciated young man in League I.

"Ianis should take the step in the summer and will do it." We are close, almost a month away "

(Reporter you want before the euro) That's what I think it will be. If not, let's wait. If we wait, it will be more expensive. I also said that. Come now, after 1 will be more expensive. Before 1 will be cheaper, Hagi said more playfully, more seriously.


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