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The design and execution of the road junction in the form of a roundabout suspended at the intersection of the southern ring road with the Olteniţa road (DN4) was finally assigned to a constructor. ITINERA SPA was named the winner of the contest for about 35.5 million euros. The auction was launched in May 2017.

"The ITINERA SPA Company was named winner of the tender for the design and execution of the road node in Bucharest – DN4 (Oltenita), km 29 + 500 – km 33 + 190, with a financial proposal in the amount of 169,508,442.60 RON. excluding VAT (equivalent to € 35.5 million excluding VAT), "reports Road.

According to the contract, the duration of this project is 30 months, of which 6 months for the project activity and 24 months for the execution of the works. The guarantee for the work that ITINERA SPA offers is 10 years.

"The process of signing the contract can only be initiated after the end of the legal period of 10 days after the transmission of the communications on the outcome of the procedure, in which the appeals can be presented," informed the CNAIR.

The tender for the provision of the road junction at the intersection of the Bucharest Circular and the DN4 (Olteniţa Road) was auctioned in May 2017.

The Bucharest-DN4 (Oltenita) road junction will be bumpy and involves the provision of a rounded ovoid roundabout, which will streamline traffic flows in the area, including rail traffic.

The road junction route is between km 29 + 500 and km 33 + 190, in the current belt of the capital.

In the direction of Bucharest, the road node will have a sector of about 800 m and Olteniţa will direct a sector of 650 m, and both sectors will end in roundabouts.

Project: rotunda DNCB-Sos. Oltenite + 4-band magnification

length: rotunda + 2.3 miles
cost: EUR 35,5 million (value of the premium)
constructor: ITINERA SPA
stage: before signing the contract, during the filing of complaints
Starting at: May 2017 (auction) Order Tracking

Term: 30 months from the signature of the contract (of which 6 months for the project activity and 24 months for the execution of the works)

PHOTO: Plane of passage at the intersection of the DNCB with the Olteniţa Highway, which will surpass the belt through an elongated and suspended roundabout.

PHOTO: The suspended rotating solution (in the image of Ploiesti) will be applied to the South Belt of the Capital at the intersection of Domnesti, the intersection with Oltenita and the intersection with Berceni.


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