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FUTURE 3-1 // Nicușor Bancu, accused of racism: "It is not possible for a team captain to call Bradley de Nooijer a" dirty crow "" + shocking reaction of Bancu

Gheorghe Hagi's second coach was initially cautioned with a yellow card, but following Isvan Kovacs – Edi Iordănescu in the tunnel at halftime, referee Marius Avram sent him into the stands in the second half of the game.

"When I wanted to get in the locker room, I was stopped by the referee and told to stop at the bench because I was eliminated, because I would be insulted by the cough referee. He gets bitter and I don't understand why. It was a fight, I'm sorry for bank, he's an extraordinary player, but he can't drive like that. He swore in a way that I don't want to reproduce. At that moment, being there, I told the file manager to tell the referee what is going on, it is 2019 and this is not normal. "Please tell him beautifully," and I reproduced what Bancu said, "Get in that crazy black belt on me." I was very surprised because I am responsible for what I say and what I do. In that case, I'll answer for what I did and that's it, I'm very disappointed. I still can't believe it, ”said Catalin Anghel of Look Sport.

"We started the game very well, I think we dominated until the 40th minute. The match came back immediately and we could not register. We tried to play, create opportunities. I don't want to go to refereeing, but a team captain can't tell Bradley (Nooijer no.) "Cuddly crow" excuse me (no embarrassment he had to reproduce), but it's impossible for the goalkeeper not to hear that. Unfortunately, we lost two matches in a few days, we have to look at what we did, ”said Bogdan Țiru.

Bancu's incredible reaction

Asked about the incident, Nicușor Bancu snorted and denied any racist response he could say to Bradley de Nooijer.

"I don't think I said that. There was a jingle there, like football. He had taken Martic, I tried to break them. There were curses, but I don't think so. It all started on the bench. He was tired, and we swore." , and they swore. If I said something, if I was wrong … I don't remember, maybe I said it from tiredness, but I don't think so. I apologize to them. I was upset that our game didn't come out”Commented Nicușor Bancu.

Vlad Achim, angry with assistant referee

Vlad Achim (30) was also disturbed by the decision of the cushion referee, who would not have granted him a sharp kick from the edge. He also believes the future is undermined by referees every time they are at the top of the standings, and coaches are unfairly eliminated.

"We had to try to close the game, enjoy the break but two goals came and the game changed completely." I hope the grass is their problem because it is not normal for a League 1 game to be played on very bad grass. We hope to get out of this situation well. It is a lack of maturity. We need to change these things.

As we approach the first place, we are harmed (no. Referees). To me, this meter is amazing. It is not possible for the file holder not to see the spent phase near him. The reasons why coaches are eliminated are laughable, but if they do … What can you say? That's it"Said Vlad Achim.

"I think the extraordinary performance of Craiova's players made the difference today. We started the game well and unfortunately we didn't get up after scoring both goals. The third goal came with a little help from the pitch but that doesn't excuse anything. We tell them that they need to focus on the game and what they need to do. It's a shame that the quality of the program can no longer be reproduced by two very good teams trying to play football in this territory. " – Cătălin Anghel, second coach Viitorul


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