Friday , July 23 2021

For the first time, perfect human blood vessels were created in the laboratory. Can help cure serious illnesses

For the first time scientists were able to create human blood vessels in the laboratory. Successful success will pave the way for considerable progress in curing diseases such as diabetes.

Photo: Pixabay Archive

Instead of creating a new drug useful for diabetics, scientists have created non-thickening blood vessels in the lab, as is the case with diabetics, not just diabetics.

Usually this thickening of blood vessels causes oxygen and nutrients to not reach the right amount in tissues any more, which can lead to a number of health problems, from the fact that the kidneys can get rid of heart attacks or accidents.

But laboratory-created blood vessels, stem cells, do not thicken, meaning all of these risks disappear, according to a report published by Nature and taken over by Science Alert.

Transplanted into mice, these modified blood vessels worked perfectly. "What's exciting … is that we can create blood stem cells from stem cells," said Reiner Wimmer of British Columbia University, the study's lead author.

Basically, these vessels can influence the health of the whole body, since each organ of the body depends on the circulatory system, explained Reiner Wimmer.

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