Sunday , October 17 2021

FOC conflict between Eugen Teodorovici, Mugur Isarescu and Adrian Vasilescu – Left with CONTRE – Font News

It was an explosive confrontation between Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, governor of the National Bank of Romania and his adviser, Adrian Vasilescu, in a debate organized by an economic publication.

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"What are the differences between the ECB and the NBR? Minimum reserve requirements, the increase in credit? Is it not a restrictive condition of the NBR? Is the BNR policy conservative? Can it be more relaxed," 1 / a]Eugen Teodorovici asked directly to Adrian Vasilescu, who attended a conference in OUG 114 bis.

The adviser to the governor of BNR Mugur Isarescu tried to respond that the ECB issued the euro and the UN read and that the Romanian bank's reserves were made in euros but were interrupted by the questions of the Minister of Finance and returned with another approach. In line with the objective of GEO 114 bis, which aims, at least at the declarative level, to reduce the difference between interest rates on deposits and credits, Vasilescu replied that the NBR gave the signal to encourage interest rates on deposits.

"I heard in a parliamentarian that credit in Romania is four times more expensive than in the EU." The difference now between passive interest and active interest is three to four, two times, "Vasilescu said. with

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