Fiesity accuses Dragnea of ​​abusing power and asks him to prove his manhood


Gabriela Firea, mayor of the capital, returned on Monday night with the blunt statements about Liviu Dragnea, accusing him of abuse of power and inviting him to prove his mistress, acknowledging that he had a meeting with sectoral mayors in which he proposed. gave an emergency decree to divide Bucharest into the six sectors to become separate cities.

In a statement from PMB headquarters, Firea continued the line of attack to the party chief, which he opened on Saturday night.

"I was expecting more political malpractices and admitting that she had a meeting with the mayors of sectors not invited by the mayor-elect, elected by Bucharest," said Firea, who stated that his reaction today Liviu Dragnea to these allegations drove everything into scorn.

However, she pointed out that Dragnea did not deny that the discussion had taken place.

See also the first reaction of Liviu Dragnea after Firea accused him of abolishing Bucharest through the OUG. "Being huge, I really do not comment on the enormity," Dragnea said.

Firea gives advice to Liviu Dragnea: When he makes very important decisions regarding the administrative organization and the budget of Bucharest, the inhabitants of Bucharest will be called for the referendum to be consulted.

"Ask yourself if I agree to be cut off from the estate," Firea said.

On the other hand, the mayor agrees that the sectors of the capital are unevenly developed, but it is not the fault of the general mayors.

In fact, Firea asked the former mayors of the capital "to become public" and say if they blocked the development of the sectors. But she also said who is responsible for the underdevelopment of some sectors: the "incompetent mayors" of the sector.

"Come now to a meeting with some mayors of the sector, to speak about Bucharest, money, budget, assignments, without the general mayor and without public consultation, I consider this an abuse of power by Mr. Dragnea," said Firea, who showed several sometimes disturbed by the fact that she was not invited to this meeting.

"The role of Capital City Hall is large, it is not decorative, since Dragnea wants to transform it. The City of Bucharest pays the bill for all utilities for public transport where it pays the subsidy, otherwise the price would be very high. high." hot water and heat for health – we have 19 hospitals in the administration, 100 million euros only this year paid – for the consolidation of buildings with seismic risk, for the development of the education system, to overflow some avenues, traffic management, infra structure "in the form of PMB responsibilities.

So he indirectly asked Liviu Dragnea how he could share these assignments to the sectors.

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