Exclusively EvZ. Ioana Ginghina and Alexandru Papadopol face to face! They are having tears … What is happening with the divorce of the two


The emotional and sincere interview given by Ioana Ginghin to the EvZ newspaper caused feelings of sadness among the couple's fans. Particularly the parts she told about her relationship with her father-in-law, grandmother's grandmother and the painful moments that Ruxi, her daughter, also witnessed.

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Today, June 19, Ioana and Papadopol represented another for the first time after more than half a year. The two went to the notary to take the first steps into the divorce process. The lawsuit was filed by Ioana because "he did not get divorced but did not return home," she told reporters at EvZ. The moment was emotionally emotional for her, "Daddy" being more relaxed. After today's meeting, the two must return to the notary after 30 days to complete the separation. The 30 days are meant to give the couple time to think, but they are unlikely to change their minds.

Painful Confessions!

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