Enrique Iglesias comes to Romania: He chose another city, not Bucharest, in PREMIERE! All Romanians have to read this article


Enrique Iglesias, perhaps the most beloved Latin singer, will perform for the first time in Cluj on October 29 during his "All the hits LIVE" tour, reports Agerpres.

"Enrique Iglesias, the Latin singer, will perform for the first time in the city, in the heart of Transylvania, on October 29, 2019, at BT Arena, starting at 8 pm The concert in Cluj is part of the" All the hits LIVE, "a show designed to impress audiences from every point of view. Stunning video projections, lights and special effects will make this concert a difficult-to-access experience for everyone present," a press release released on Friday by the organizers.

Among other things, he writes his song "Bailemos", "Rhythm Divine", "Be With You", "Duele El Corazon", "Sub La Radio", "El BaƱo" and "Move To Miami". "I do not dance (without you)."

On the "All the hits LIVE" tour, Enrique Iglesias has performed in Prague, Budapest, Ljubljana, Oslo, Athens, Copenhagen, Lisbon and Kiev.


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