inTHEG. Very large mobile offerings continue in Romania, and the Samsung S9 and S9 Plus phones still enjoy surprisingly large discounts in Romania. At Samsung eMAG, the Samsung GALAXY S9 and Samsung S9 Plus phones were chosen This page be available to less than 1600 LEI than usual, to the joy of many fans.

EMAG. We are talking about two of Samsung's newest handset models, both offered at a price of $ 1,600 less than normal, especially for the discount event. In Romania, we are talking about unbeatable prices for Samsung S9 and Samsung S9 Plus phones, with eMAG Discount Marathon prices being the lowest ever on mobile phones.

eMag. 1600 LAW REDUCTION on the Samsung GALAXY S9

EMAG. The Samsung S9 and Samsung S9 Plus phones offer a reduced price of 1600 LEI by the online store in This page are the ones you expect to buy for a much cheaper time. For the eMAG Reducer Marathon they were chosen especially because they offer better performances and a very good user experience so that anyone can be happy if they choose to buy them in the online store.

EMAG. Of course, the range of Samsung mobile phones from Samsung is available at the promotional price in this massive discount campaign that is available in Romania, so just search for what you are looking for. I recommend that you be very careful in this eMAG discount campaign to look good through the online store because you will surely find something that will please your purchase during this long day.


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