Edith Gonzalez's brother said what the actress did in the last moments of life


Victor Manuel Gonzalez, brother of Edith Gonzalez, gave details of the last moments of the life of the actress who died at age 54. Thus, he revealed that Edith died in the music of his daughter.

In a televised program, Victor Manuel Gonzalez told him that his daughter and Constanza, Edith's daughter, sang a song for her before closing her eyes.

"She died in silence, her girls, because they include my daughter, they sang a guitar song." While they were singing, Edith went softly and fell asleep ", said Victor Manuel.

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In recent days, he revealed that the actress had planned his funeral in detail. She asked her brother, Victor Manuel, to disconnect her from the device once she died and "let her leave this world alone," while her friend asked her to take care of Constanza. , so as not to be exposed to the press.

In August 2016, Mexican actress Edith Gonzalez was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. His condition was extremely serious, the star going through a total hysterectomy and a chemotherapy session.

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The actress Edith Gonzalez, who was born on December 10, 1964, was one of the most famous actresses of the soap opera in the 1990s. The role most Romanian soap lovers remember is "Salome". Edith Gonzalez has a girl, Constanza, born in 2004. She was married since 2010 with Lorenzo Lazo Margáin.


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