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Doru Todoruț, but sued by his ex-wife, 7 years after the divorce. What was the soloist’s response

Rocsana Daliana Todoruţ and Doru Todoruț divorced in 2013, at the notary, but later the misunderstandings related to the custody of the three girls and the alimony started. In January 2016, Rocsana, who gained custody of the minors, sued her ex-husband and filed a lawsuit in the Buftea Court with the aim of “exercising the rights of parents”. Contacted by Click! at the time, soloist Deepcentral declined to comment. “I have nothing to say. I wish him luck,” Doru was content to say.

He’s being tried again for alimony

Even now, 7 years after the divorce, the two former spouses have not found a common denominator in terms of alimony. announces that the artist has made a request to the court to reduce the alimony he is obliged to pay to his ex-wife. Doru Todoruț submitted the request on 30 October, and is now awaiting the establishment of a trial period, in which he will present his arguments for which he requested payment of a smaller amount. It will probably be questioned the fact that, since March, the artists have suffered severely in terms of revenue, because they did not perform shows and events during the pandemic.

Rocsana demanded a seizure of Doru’s income

But it was not Doru who acted first, but Rocsana. According to, she had gone to court a month earlier and asked for the seizure of Doru’s rent in order to cover the alimony he had not paid for a while. Here is how the magistrates solved the request: “Approves the forced execution to be practiced in any of the types of forced execution provided for by law, at the request of the creditor Todoruț Rocsana Daliana, against the debtor Todoruț Doru Florin, until the civil sentence nº xxx / 10.02.2017 pronounced by the Buftea Court, namely, minor maintenance allowance from April 2020, to which are added the execution expenses. No appeal. “

What Doru Todoruț said about divorce and children

Rocsana and Doru have three daughters together, Rebecca is 10 years old and twins Eva and Natalia recently turned 8. “It was a common decision not to talk about divorce. Children need to enjoy childhood, adults still make mistakes. As parents, we get along very well, better than when we were together. There is understanding and peace. The twins are still small. And I don’t know anything, but Rebeca is 5 years old and asked some natural questions. The reality was accepted quite easily ”, he declared, on Prima TV. However, Doru admits that his life as a father is not easy, but any sacrifice is done with pleasure, because the little ones are the joy of your life.

“If someone asked me if I was sorry for getting married and divorced, I would say no, because I have these three girls,” said the soloist.

Rocsana Todoruț: “I’m tired of collecting vouchers and justifying every lion”

The money dispute between Doru and Rocsana arose immediately after the divorce. “There is nothing rosy between us, on the contrary! I am filing a lawsuit, asking for the establishment of alimony for the three girls we have together. The court must determine how much to pay for the care of our girls, so that “I am pulling him to get my money back, and he will not hold me accountable either. Let’s do this. I am tired of collecting vouchers and justifying every penny spent feeding girls . I am worse than a married woman. ” And then say that there are big expenses, what will we do with so much money? I pay 1,600 lei per month for the girls’ kindergarten, plus options, theater and consumables, “For example, in three weeks I had expenses with feeding them 1,500 lei, of which part of it meant 750 lei. It doesn’t seem like a big amount, mainly because I’m not a wasteful man and I don’t throw food away ”. , said Rocsana Todoruț, to

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