"Did you see Ajax? I bet on them and I won 25,000 euros!" Becali is creating new problems again


As he says he avoided breaking the rules that forbid him to bet

Gigi Becali again self-denounced. He announced that he has won 25,000 euros thanks to the results of Tuesday's UEFA Champions League! He bet on Ajax and Barcelona! The regulation does not allow people involved in football to bet.

"We have a combination of 2. We put a combination of 2, which beat Barcelona and Ajax and won € 25,000." Mihai (Stoica) did not tell me that Juventus are strong. I just scored 1X, winning or equaling Ajax, Barcelona is certainly winning. MM annoyed me by saying that Juventus destroyed them and told him it was not for Ajax to qualify.

And I was talking at the beginning of the game when Juventus dominated, and I told him to wait, that Juventus would tire me. And he called me after the break and told me,>. I told him they had possession and that Juventus was tired without a ball. Ajax will once again be the greatest champion in the world.

I did not put it in my name. I put it online. It does not matter, we do not break anything, we do not bet, we lie " said Gigi Becali at Digi Sport.


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