Friday , July 30 2021


Derived from DACIA Duster 3

DACIA Duster 3 revealed another very important decision by the Mioveni manufacturer that will have a significant impact on the way the car is built for customers. I was telling you the other day that the DACIA Duster 3 will not be released before 2024, at least, according to a general manager at DACIA, but also that the CMF-B platform will be used, and it is possible that the four-wheel drive wheels disappear from the car.

DACIA Duster 3 However, it is not only this important change that has been made, and this is because the new model will also come in a hybrid version, yes I know, I have told you this before, but today we also have some technical details about it. According to the French press, it seems that the DACIA Duster 3 will have a version of the Renault Captur hybrid engine, only that it will be much cheaper, with fewer integrated parts, so that the total price of the car is lower.


DACIA Duster 3 it will have a 140 horsepower E-Tech screen, that is, the Renault Captur version, however cheaper, and a hybrid system that is not as efficient as in almost any other car of this type. It seems that in DACIA Duster 3 the braking energy recovery system will be eliminated, so that the battery will not be charged when we brake, and maybe when going down a slope, as with other hybrid cars, which is pretty stupid, but for that it is the commitment to launch the car that way.

DACIA Duster 3 it will be launched only in the hybrid version, but there will also be fuel engines, but apparently only gasoline ones, not diesel ones, as happened with the Logan and Sandero models. The DACIA Duster 3 could only have 1.2 TCe and 1.5 TCe engines, derived from the current 1.0 TCe and 1.3 TCe, and in terms of the hybrid part, we could speak of a 48V engine, which is weaker than the other cars, but is cheaper.

DACIA Duster 3 it will not be the first hybrid car that the Romanian manufacturer will launch, and that is because the DACIA Logan 3 is expected to have a version of this type launched in the coming years, perhaps in 2022, or 2023.

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