Sunday , April 18 2021

Corina Bud tried to kiss Carla's dreams. What reaction did the artist have

Corina Bud was the one who gave his prize to his colleague in the music industry in an event in which both participated. The singer seemed more enthusiastic than he should have tried and tried, not just once, to kiss the artist who tried, visibly embarrassed by the situation, to avoid it.

Corina, the mother of a 10-year-old, was visibly annoyed that the star refused the kiss and tried to play with the situation, turning an embarrassing moment into one more inconvenient for the singer on the other side of Prut.

Seeing that he is not delighted with her attempts, Corina began to play. "Look at the beautiful boy, I'm sorry, I never knew him. I would love to meet you, my dear, what are you doing … Tomorrow my son is 10 years old, I wish you a son Just as I'm talking to he in particular But I kiss you, "he said, were the words of the artist. While she tried to play the artist, he was frightened and answered monosyllabically to his answers.

Corina Bud, one of the most extravagant apparitions of the night

Corina was definitely one of the most controversial apparitions of the night, wearing a suede jacket and underneath a very short dress with a bold animal print. The long boots that reached the thigh area were the element that attracted everyone's attention.

Here you can see the moment in which the dreams of Corina and Carla were protagonists

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