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CFR CLUJ – FUTURE 3-1 // UPDATE Cristi Balaj and Adrian Porumboiu in open conflict! Defensive and offensive insinuations: "Balaj took the courses of the referees at Jean Pădureanu's school"


  • Phase of the penalty awarded by Colţescu to the CFR – the future he rejected the two former judges;
  • Porumboiu claims that it was not necessary to give the host penalty for the Omrani-Ghiţă duel while Balaj considered that the "central" Craiova decision was correct.
UPDATE 18:40

The controversy between Porumboiu and Balaj, from the fact that the two had different opinions on Colţescu's penalty in favor of the CFR, continues with harsh claims.

After a first exchange of answers, Adrian Porumboiu returned with further serious charges, claiming that the boyar was one of the coaches of the home of the Romanian Football Cooperative.

"I see he's talking about me and about Extensiv, it's kind of naughty, but if he did not forget I remembered something." When I refereed an extensive fight at Baia Mare, which Extensiv lost by 3-1, he still did not do well in this profession of referee.

He was taking the courses at Jean Pădureanu's school, the one that taught him what he was going to do in his career. If he does not know what I'm talking about, then he can remember the CFR-Bistrita games, "said Porumboiu.

Former referee Vaslui also wanted to comment on the new position of Balaj, head of the National Anti-Doping Agency. "If he was valuable, he was making a career on his own feet, so, it became practically a billboard poster, because it's only because of politics and the PSD where he is now. I'm already paying close attention, especially since it's not my nose, "said Porumboiu to

UPDATE 3:00 p.m.

Cristi Balaj He responded to the statements made by Adrian Porumboiu with a slippage, implying that the former great referee had been intoxicated when he offended him.

"It's a phase identical to the CFR-FCSB, when I said it was a penalty.He passed the edge of common sense, probably under the influence of what resulted from the molasses used by the Extensive. It reminded me of what Sera said about him, "Balaj told

The initial news

Sebastian Colţescu took the lead 11 minutes into the game by 1 to 0, as Virgil Ghita elegantly received a long range pass through the middle, finishing off with a half-volley shot just below the bar. The attacker of the CFR Cluj came first to the ball, focused on the lime point, then collapsed after contact with the central defender of the guests.

Watch VIDEO with Phase

Cristi Balaj, Sports Specialist for TV Telekom in Arbitration, says the decision was right. Adrian Porumboiu, former great referee, had a slip on Balaj, the head of the National Anti-Doping Agency, which he directly accused of being under the influence of banned substances.

"I'm dumbfounded by what happened. I think only the referee of the night of Colţescu could give such a penalty. I also wonder if a former referee who is dealing with doping might say this, I think he was also doped.

It's his opinion, but if you call Cristi Balaj and say that this stage was 11 meters, that means he has a lot of memories about CFR Cluj. What should the defender do? To escape the path of Omrani? He did not attack him, otherwise he did not hit the ball. There's nothing wrong.

I look forward to hearing such statements from a former former referee. He did not see well and squandered that he was a referee. I did not see a penalty worse than that. The song came in to get out of the song. I'm perfectly objective"Adrian Porumboiu told Pro X.

"After he shoots, he prophesies in the footsteps of the Adversary and falls. There is a penalty in the county, it is an involuntary contact. I would never have punished!"Ion Crăciunescu

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