Cătălin Rădulescu suspects some of the party's "scammers" for involvement in the appearance of Tel Drum's suitcase – Politics


PSD deputy Cătălin Rădulescu told Mediafax that the appearance of the Tel Drum suitcase would be an attempt by security-related people to create an event before CEx on Monday, referring to some of the broken.

"I think it's an attempt by some people associated with security to produce a kind of event before CEx, and when I'm referring to that, I'm probably referring to some of the party friends in our party. appearance of such absurdity the day before the CEx is very clear, it is just the security model, there is something to put on the party chairman.All investigations have been made so far by the prosecutors, and I do not believe it, I do not mainly think about the President Dragnea's connection with a construction company, what does it have? All the municipal council presidents have in their countries 5-7, 1-2 construction companies, which does not mean that they are the owners of the construction companies, "he said. PSD deputy Cătălin Rădulescu, on Sunday evening at Mediafax.

The Social Democrat said the box of information inside the Tel Drum would not influence Monday's meeting of the CEXN.

"These things are stupid, that is, a peasant walking on Mars in the field, and suddenly a suitcase appeared in the field. So, not even in the time of Caragiale and Sadoveanu … it is bad news, that is, if anyone wanted to make some missing documents, imagine that he did not throw them in the land of the country in Teleorman. So it seems to me a stupidity, a clear faction that does not have influence in the decisions that we, the party, will take tomorrow in the CEX ", said the deputy of the PSD.

Asked if, in his opinion, the PSD coup plotters are involved in the actions he described, Rădulescu replied that he did.

"I believe so, that is, I think those who are affiliated with security people, ie, SRI, have put all sorts of things like this now just to put a heavy stone against President Dragnea believing that tomorrow things will happen They will not return, because things have to be cut off, we can not go infinitely with scandals, with agendas they do for us, with public exits, with denigrating, because we have things to do and do each week and the Romanians do not but we can not stand with people who do not want a thing, take the place of President Dragnea and lead the party, "said Rădulescu.

The Social Democrat did not want to call the coupons of the PSD to which he refers. "You know them well, we do not get them anymore. Everybody knows him," he said.

Asked if they were signatories to the anti-Dragnea letter, Rădulescu replied, "Well, others who? I have not seen others."

PSD president Vaslui, Dumitru Buzatu, also said on a TV channel Sunday that he is not interested in the suitcase with the Tel Drum documents found in Teleorman, the subject will not be discussed in the party leadership and he does not want to fall "in the network "manipulation".

The PSD leadership will discuss Monday in Parliament at a meeting of the National Executive Committee on the records in which Adrian Tutuianu criticized the ministers and the party leadership. Some county leaders have called for the possibility of excluding the PSD vice president, while others call for calm.

The Rise Project is in possession of some documents that DNA did not find in Tel Drum's polls, but a Teleorman villager took over. According to data provided by the Rise Project so far, "a briefcase with essential information inside the Tel Drum corporation, which DNA prosecutors had no access to when physically and computer searched the company headquarters last year, was found in the rural area of Teleorman, by a native, even on his property. The local citizen contacted a source of the RISE Project in the municipality.

The case contains a 63GB black hard drive on a Tel Drum major's computer, thousands of beads, ghost articles, account statements or interpreter documents. At the same time, 54,710 e-mails and attachments are stored at the address of the service. There is a 2010 tablet in the case that belonged to the General Director Tel Drum, Petre Pitiş and more than 1000 photos of exotic excursions with entourage, company events and moments relatives .


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