BREAKING NEWS | The judges took the decision only a few minutes ago, in the case of Tamas –


Gabi Tamas has just learned that he will be released after 7 days of detention!

UPDATE | Israeli media writes that the judge motivated the decision by saying that "Tamas is a danger to drive. If he is not allowed and can no longer drive the country, there is no reason for him to remain in custody."

"The state alleges that Tamas is a danger, but this process is now closed.Now we focus on the main accusations, Tamas went very far, more than ever in Israel, just because it is famous.It will end in a week", said Tamas' lawyer Tomer Nagola, according to Sport1.

GABI TAMAS. Israeli media reports that defender Gabi Tamas (35) is about to leave the prison after 7 days of detention.

The Regional Regional Court of Lod decided to reject the prosecutors' request and put Tamas under house arrest after the defender and 6 other people paid bail!

Tamas will no longer be allowed to drive to Israel, and his passport is for the time being in the custody of the Israeli authorities, which means that Gabi Tamas can not leave the country.


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