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BEC has decided that cars with Dan Barna's election marks are not legal in the election campaign

The Central Election Bureau (BEC) on Wednesday rejected USR-PLUS appeals against decisions by the Maramureş and Vaslui County Electoral Offices, which found that Dan Barna-rated vehicles are not legal in the election campaign. presidential.

The image of the BEC article decided that Dan Barna-branded cars are not legal in the election campaign.

BEC: Barna's electoral grade cars are not legal in the election campaign

The Maramureş County Electoral Office on 18 October admitted PSD notification and ordered the removal of the electoral marks from a Baia Mare car, which contained "the desire to vote for candidate Dan Barna and his image, with the clear specification of the role for which "candidate" shows the decision of the BEC on Wednesday, and BEJ Maramureş has ordered the issuing of addresses to the IPJ, the Romanian Border Police, the Romanian Gendarmeria, the local police and the mayor to make the decision.

The USR-PLUS Alliance contested this decision, claiming that it registered a vehicle "for the sole purpose of its use in holding electoral events in the territory, having previously obtained prior approval from the Permanent Electoral Authority," the BEC shows.

The political group supporting Dan Barna has argued that the USR-PLUS Alliance-registered vehicle does not belong to any of the categories of advertising materials provided by the legal provisions invoked in the BEJ Maramureş decision.

"Article 36, paragraph 2, point (e) stipulates that" other printed materials may be used in the election campaign "without prohibiting printed materials for bonding vehicles and an admission of PSD Maramureş's notification on this basis would violate the principles enshrined in the law – where the law does not distinguish, nor should we distinguish, as well as "anything that is not prohibited by law is permitted," said the BEC, citing the Alliance's appeal.

The BEC argues that, from the interpretation of the legal texts, it follows that it is not allowed to register vehicles with electoral propaganda messages or to place electoral posters on them.

"It cannot be argued that" other printed matter "within the meaning of Article 36 (2) (e) of Law No 334/2006 would have the meaning of self-adhesive film which may be used on motor vehicles, provided that: No. 3) of the Guide to Financing the Election Campaign in the Elections for the President of Romania in 2019 defines the phrase as "printed materials on paper", according to the BEC.

The BEC also maintained the same argument if it rejected the USR-PLUS Alliance's appeal against the decision of BEJ Vaslui, which was notified by the PSD Bârlad Organization. The PSD's notification found that on October 16, "at the perimeter of St. Ilie Square in Bârlad, a vehicle belonging to the Save Romania Union Party was inscribed with" Vote Barna President "messages.

BEJ Vaslui has ordered the removal of electoral material from the area of ​​Bârlad locality, a measure that will be implemented by the mayor, with the support of public order bodies.

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