Bebe Cotimanis reveals why he left the Romanians have the talent: "I had a somewhat unhappy peace"


Bebe Cotimanis, a former member of the jury "Romanians Have a Talent" replaced by actor Florin Calinescu (62), said in an interview to Freedom that he did not mind leaving the show and says he had a slightly miserable pawn.

As a member of the jury, she was invited to choose between two contestants and the actor decided that a little girl, Nicoleta Iancu, would not go to the show anymore. At that moment, the little girl began to cry and said she would never forgive him, and this deeply affected the actor. "It was about my departure," says the artist.

"I did not feel sorry, God organizes all of them.I had a slightly unhappy paw.When the jury decides who remains of two people, you have to decide.She was a little girl, Nicoleta Iancu.Going to the final stage of the contest, after the first stage in which she performed, the city decided to put a dance band back, of which two drunks. Mihaela or Andra wondered who I would choose, and my vote decided that she would not go any further.

The little girl started to cry, it broke me. Mihaela asked if she forgave Bebe, she said never. My nights were not complete, I always saw her crying. It was about my departure, I felt a relief then. I considered it extraordinary. For one chance, one of the contestants disappeared and Nicoleta entered the final. When I was touring Turnu Severin, I woke up with a boy … a year older. She was Nicoleta. He forgave me before the show. We were playing 'Carnival Dad'. He stood in the hallway and applauded me, "said the actor.

By the time the jury table "The Romanians Have the Talent" changed in 2015, Cotimanis stated exclusively for the Adev─ârul newspaper: "We had a choice between several Pro TV projects and some of them personal but also professional – three parts and collaborations It is my decision, no one is professionally irreplaceable, and when Calinescu, a good-natured man and knowledge in showbiz, comes to my place, that alone. can be beneficial. "


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