Thursday , October 21 2021

Bad news for taxi drivers. Tesla enters the passenger transport market under Uber and Lyft


Tesla founder Elon Musk announces that he wants to conquer the urban transport market dominated by Uber and Lyft. "Next year, we'll certainly have more than a million robot-taxis on the roads," Musk said.

Robo-cabs, as Musk calls them, are virtually any Tesla vehicle with stand-alone driving mode that the owner has registered on the company's network with an application.

Customers who choose to be transported pay significantly less than a journey through existing applications in the marketplace, Musk explains. Because these services cost US $ 2 to $ 3 per mile ($ 1.25-1.8 per kilometer) with Tesla service, customers will only receive $ 0.18 per mile (or be, 11 cents per kilometer).

The introduction of this robo-taxi service would not only benefit customers. Tesla car owners could earn about $ 30,000 a year.

These calculations made Musk declare that "it would be financial madness to buy another car other than Tesla."

This plan also has some potential problems, however. Legislation in several US states currently does not allow stand-alone taxis.

"Tesla's robotic-axis plan does not seem to be over, and the company does not seem to have answers to all the questions and has not taken into account key issues like pricing, insurance policies or legality issues," said Jeff, an American analyst . Osborne, according to Business Insider.

Photograph: AFP / Mediafax

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