Augustin Lazar filed the file for retirement


Augustin Lazar filed the file for retirement. The information was revealed on Wednesday in "Synthesis of the Day."

"A blow in the theater in the case of Augustin Lazar. CSM sources confirmed that they have registered for retirement, the file was sent to the Judicial Inspection, the SCM has to find out if there are disciplinary sanctions, I understand that the answer came negative. decides on the retirement of Augustin Lazar is Klaus Iohannis (…) We know that there are some complaints that worry him, the more he retires faster, the more he retires with the pension … It is an attempt to go out financially " , said Ana Maria Bujor, senior editor of Antena 3.

According to sources, Augustin Lazar's potential pension amounts to almost 30,000 lei per month.


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