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Episode 11 of the new season, "Stopped Fruit," gave viewers a sequeltand emotsituational twists and turnstthat is etand many surprises.

The series broughttthe public, Wednesday night, a decision very much toetexpectedcomplicated by those who followcomplicatedto rescue Sonia's story etand Alex's. The episode was an audience leadertcomplicated, at the level of the whole public in the urban environment, but etand a leveltlevel.

The "Stopped Fruit" gave viewers a new episode on Wednesday night with many surprises and ranked Antena 1 first in the TV ranking, all in the urban and national niche. Between 20:00 and 22:56, Antena 1 had a market share of 16.3% and an average rating of 7.4% for city audiences, while the main competitor, Pro TV, and the position was occupied by Kanal D.

At national level, Antena 1 was audience leader in the "Fructul oprit" series, gaining a market share of 17.5% and an average rating of 8.1%, and the second place was occupied by Pro TV, which had an average market share of 16.8% and an average rating of 7.8%.

In the golden minute (21:25), more than 1.8 million viewers across the country chose to watch the series produced by Ruxandra Ion.

Last night's episode brought an important decision by Sonia (Michaela Prosan) and Alex (Petru Păun) to the public. "As much as I try to escape, no matter how hard I try to hide what I feel, I can not live otherwise! I love Alex," Sonia confesses. "We have to run, anywhere, Sonia! At any cost, we both have to run!" Alex asks her. They receive support from unexpected people, one of whom is Ana (Cristina Ciobănaşu). Alex and Sonia do not leave without Victor (Călin Popescu) and at the moment they take their son he is surprised by Adrian (Bogdan Albulescu) who announces to the police: "My wife has kidnapped our son.I would not have telephoned, but the situation may become My wife is schizophrenic. "

Members of the Caragea family are going through difficult times after their company faces serious problems, and John (Gherman) has to find solutions to save the business. He receives help from his mother, Magda (Maia Morgenstern). "Take that money! Maybe you can save the company," she says. "Roxana gave me money to go," Magda said.

In episode 11, Iza (Blago) decided to return to the Caragea family and found a new ally in the new season "Fruit Stop". "I'm on your side, I'll tell you everything I know, I'll give you everything I have, just to see you finished!", Is the offer she makes for Mihai Lăzărescu (Conrad Mericoffer).

As John will succeed in resolving the situation, if he can save the Caragea family business, how the relationship between him and Ana will develop, what Iza and Mihai Lăzărescu are preparing for the members of Caragea, but also what will happen to Alex and Sonia After Adrian announced the police, all these questions will get their answer on Wednesday, November 14, in episode 12 of the new season.

The second season, "Stopped Fruit", is seen every Wednesday at 20:00 on Antena 1.

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Period November 7, 2018


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