Apple introduced the new generation of AirPods


The rumors have proven to be true, and Apple today announced in a statement posted on its official website, its new generation of wireless headsets – or, as they were named by the company in Cupertino, AirPods.

The new headsets look the same as the old ones, but come with a new H1 chip, designed specifically by Apple, that will allow users to talk 50% more with them.

The most interesting news, however, is the hands-free integration of Siri, Apple's digital assistant. Users can now control the headset volume, touch someone or change the music simply by voice commands without having to touch any more to activate the digital assistant.

The implementation of the wireless charging cage has long been expected, and now AirPods users will finally be able to enjoy it almost two years after it was announced.

PHOTO via Apple

The new generation of AirPods will cost as much as its predecessor – $ 159. If you want a wireless charging case, you'll have to pay another $ 40 because the standard version comes with the classic.

The case can be purchased individually for the price of 80 euros. The company in Cupertino also adds the opportunity to freeze the new generation of headphones for free.

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