"All heaven is yours!" (PHOTOGRAPH)


It's a new bout in music. The best friend of the late Florian Pittiş died.

"Good-bye, Jerry! All heaven is yours!" Anda Pittiş, wife of the former singer of Pasărea Colibri, wrote.

Jerry Schwartz was a bass player in several bands, but also the closest collaborator of Florian Pitiş on Radio 3 Net, an online radio station.

I am sure that along with Moţu they will do a Radio3Net in His kingdom! I remember how Moţu introduced me to Jerry: "It is my right hand, but it is mine. left! "replied a friend.

And Jerry? I found out about George Stanca, Jerry now … Moţu Pittiş is waiting for you up there with hot pretzels like you wont come. Good way, silently good face! "Wrote the folklorist Ducu Bertzi.


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