ALICE – Tariceanu makes big announcement: PSD, ALDE have already decided to have a joint presidential candidate – News sources


ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu told Antena 3 that he hoped Klaus Iohannis would not win a new term in Cotroceni, saying that ALDE and PSD had decided to have a joint candidate for the presidency, and after the elections to the European Parliament According to the best placed candidate, it transmits

Asked if, in his opinion, President Klaus Iohannis is still going to win a term, Tariceanu replied: "I hope he does not win again."

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He noted that the ALDE had talks with the PSD on the subject of the presidential candidate.

"Discussions with the leadership of the PSD lead us to a conclusion, that the best solution is to go to a joint candidate. We will see who is the best plastic after the European Parliament elections and then we will decide on that," he explained. leader of ALDE.

Tariceanu said on Saturday in Iasi that he wants Liviu Dragnea to remain free, and after the European elections, PSD and ALDE will reopen the theme of the joint presidential candidate.

Asked in Iasi at a press conference on ALDE if the PSD decided to have its own candidate for the presidential election, Calin Popescu Tariceanu said that these things will be discussed after the May 26 elections, adding that we are currently "the field of assumptions ".

At the same time, the ALDE leader said he wants Liviu Dragnea to remain free, arguing that "in no country of civilized Europe, someone in charge of elections and mobilizing voters in elections will not be condemned for that."

"And he and I said we discussed together the coalition's future candidacy and we decided that after the European Parliament elections we will reopen the topic to decide how we will do it," said Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

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