Alain Delon closes his big son in the dog cage to "strengthen him" in front of his life – Store


Alain Delon's eldest son, Anthony, but also many biographers of the notorious actor, accuses him of maltreatment, claiming that Anthony Anthony was arrested by his father several times in the dogs' cage to "heal" him life. A few days ago, his younger son Alain-Fabien Delon (1994) published a book in which he brutally accuses his father of being a xenophobe and a violent man, Agerpres writes quoting the Spanish newspaper ABC.

A documentary of France 3 makes new revelations about the behavior of the actor in relation to his son, Anthony Delon. Olivier Rajchman, the French actor's biographer, says in a documentary that "to be part of the circle of his closest friends and to strengthen his own children, it was necessary for his friends and children to be adopted by the dogs."

Alain even applied "very difficult" methods. He closed his son Anthony, when he was a child, in the space reserved for dogs. Alain watched and was on guard. We must, however, ask ourselves if this method did not end up traumatizing his son, says his biographer.

Other witnesses and biographers of Alain Delon made similar statements: "It was about strengthening your child, preparing him for the difficulties that await him in his life, which is always hard."

Anthony and Alain Delon have relationships that scare enmity. They arrived at the court, Alain Delon even asked his son to give up the name of his family in his acting career.

In the documentary broadcast by France 3, Delon does not confirm or deny that he has closed one of his children in the dog's cage.


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