A new mental health center in the county


The leadership of the Socola Institute of Psychiatry has already submitted to the Ministry of Health the necessary documentation, but also the request to create a center in Hîrlău

Representatives of the Socola Institute of Psychiatry are seeking to establish a Mental Health Center in Hîrlău to start operating in 2017. To date, they have sent the Ministry of Health the necessary documentation along with the request for their establishment for approval.

After receiving the agreement, the management of the medical unit will request the support of the Hîrlău Prefecture to allocate a space for the future Mental Health Center. "It is a welcome move for patients in this area, who will no longer have to travel to Iasi, being a significant savings for each patient. A new center will increase the efficiency of health care for patients with mental illness", said Dr. Gabriel Oprisanu, manager of the Socola Institute of Psychiatry.

It is worth mentioning that in Iasi, the last preparations are being made for the opening of a Mental Health Center at the Socola Institute of Psychiatry for patients in the Bucium area. The Mental Health Law stipulates that such a center should serve 100,000-150,000 inhabitants. "Iaş needs mental health centers and there are now only two.A great benefit would be that patients will no longer be present at the hospital for hospitalization and thus will automatically reduce the costs of", said Dr. Gabriel Oprisanu. The diseases treated at these centers are depression, psychosis, alcoholism, and dementia. At the same time, patients receive psychological and psychiatric counseling as well as medical treatment.

In Iasi there are two mental health centers: "Dr. Ghelerter" and "Lascar Catargi", serving 400,000 inhabitants. Mădălina OLARIU


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