5 causes of dementia that can be treated. Recognize them before it's too late!


Although forgetfulness of certain things is normal from time to time, if this happens too often and problems occur in daily life, it is probably time for a specialized consultation. Dementia is a very common condition, affecting 47.5 million people worldwide. It is not a disease in itself, but a generic term like cancer, because there are many stages of cognitive impairment. Alzheimer's dementia, vascular disease, Parkinson's disease or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease can not be cured, they can be treated, but they are irreversible. "Dementia as a diagnosis is not the same as a deterioration of cognitive functions that only mimics this disease." Some conditions can cause dementia symptoms, but if the problem is treated early, the manifestations are reversible. every five adults, "says Dr. Kevin James. Here are the causes of dementia that can be treated:

1. The wrong medicines. While it is not at all beneficial not to sleep, if you take medications to succeed at rest, you may have troublesome symptoms. "Some drugs create a state of confusion similar to the one in the case of dementia.These are sleeping pills, antidepressants and antihistamines.Adults that are of advanced age use them without realizing that they can adversely affect memory, can cause constipation and retention of urine.I had a 70-year-old patient who was worried about memory, but as soon as she gave up sleeping pills, she felt perfect, "says Dr. Mollie Scott, of the University of North Carolina.

2. Urinary Infections. Symptoms of urinary tract infections, including pain, burning, fever and need to go to the toilet, are often neglected by the elderly, and if infections continue untreated, they can cause delirium, confusion, agitation and hallucinations as well as insanity. "In urine, urinary tract infections are extremely common and it is mistakenly believed that many patients have dementia. As soon as the antibiotics are administered, the symptoms disappear," says Dr. Scott.

3. Hearing problems. Recent studies have revealed the link between dementia and hearing problems and many experts believe that rectifying this condition may delay or completely prevent dementia. Hearing loss is associated with accelerated decline in cognitive functions and loss of brain tissue. "Failure to address these problems will not only affect the ability to clearly perceive the sounds, nor will it allow the person to process the information and use it efficiently," says Dr. Carole Rogins.

4. Depression People suffering from depression often have the condition called pseudo-dementia, a type of cognitive decline that resembles dementia but is actually caused by emotional problems, not malfunctioning of the central nervous system. "There is still a lot to be explored about brain functions, but depression does not cause real dementia. The disorder is reversible if you start with a proper treatment to restore balance on an emotional level.

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