Workers in the distribution sector are on strike today – O Jornal Econômico


Distribution workers are on strike today, as in previous years, to demand from companies and the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies (APED) the revision of the Collective Labor Agreement (CCT), which has been negotiated for 31 months, as indicated by the Trade Union, Offices and Services of Portugal Trade Union (CESP), affiliated to the CGTP, in a statement released on April 23, when the notice of strike was issued.

In this revision of the CST, workers are asking for wage increases and the closure of surfaces on 1 May, on Sundays and public holidays, and also calls for the automatic progression of the warehouse operator and the end of table B.

Among the major distribution chains, CESP stressed that "the workers of the Auchan [que detém a marca Jumbo], from Pingo Doce / Jerónimo Martins, from Sonae, from the Day / Minipreço to demand the response to the demands submitted for 2019 and the negotiation of the CCT. "

Also the workers of the distribution companies affiliated to the SITESE, affiliated to the UGT, today strike, for the right to the holiday on Labor Day and also against precariousness in the sector and in defense of wage increases and workers' rights.

In recent years, distribution workers have been on strike on May 1 to try to get their companies to close on Labor Day.


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