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Wild boars "land" on the aerodrome of Coimbra!

The leader of the Democrat social group in the Municipal Assembly of Coimbra today denounced that the National Civil Aviation Authority withdrew to the municipal aerodrome of Coimbra the ability to "give flight information".

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From the storm to Leslie "there is not even a wind sleeve" at the municipal aerodrome of Coimbra, revealed Nuno Freitas.

The Social Democrat took advantage of his intervention to regret that the municipality does not integrate the "regional route" that connects Trás-os-Montes to the Algarve, emphasizing that, for at least the next 4 years, Coimbra will not be part of this connection.

Nuno Freitas also wanted to know "where is the airport of Coimbra" and when will be presented the already mythical studies commissioned to Manuel Queiró.

The leader of the Democrat social council also hinted that this "aerial immobility" is due to the mayor of Coimbra and former minister Pedro Marques.

See the intervention of Nuno Freitas:

Manuel Machado replied to Nuno Freitas, acknowledging that the Bissaya Barreto Municipal aerodrome still does not have new "wind sleeves" because these are "very expensive".

I did not know they were that expensive, they cost 8 or 9 thousand euros. It is necessary to open a public tender for the acquisition of equipment, announced the leader of the local authority, which says to continue to value the equipment.

Storm Leslie struck Portugal in October 2018. It's been over 6 months.

Manuel Machado took advantage of his intervention to reveal that the aerodrome of Coimbra has been invaded by wild boars.

"We have a very remarkable struggle with nature. Especially with the animal species that have come to have a great reproductive capacity and that attack, as it is the case of the wild boars, that are attacking our territory, confided the mayor.

Manuel Machado understood not to pronounce on the "Coimbra International Airport".

See the intervention of Manuel Machado:

We recall that in October 2018 the Coimbra Municipal renew the fence of the Bissaya Bareto Aerodrome.

"This is a simple but extremely important work, because in 30 years it is the first time that a global intervention is made in the safety zone of this municipal infrastructure," said Manuel Machado, president of CMC.

The Bissaya Barreto Municipal Aerodrome is an airport infrastructure that integrates the secondary network of national aerodromes, where Manuel Machado intended to install the "Coimbra International Airport".

Manuel Queiró, hired by the Chamber to study aerial mobility, dismissed this hypothesis, having suggested the construction of a third-category aerodrome near the A1 Soure Node.

The study commissioned by the autarchy to this former defender of the civil airport at the Monte Real air base was to have been presented in September, but half a year later is not yet known.

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