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Volkswagen has for some time been preparing to reach a new record with its electric prototype of competition, the I.D. A. After mastering ramp events, such as the American Pikes Peak, the builder's competition department is investigating the behavior of its tram to circuit, since the next is the mythical Nürburgring.

In practical terms, this VW attempt will be as vain as that recently carried out by Porsche – because there is no direct comparison – that after failing to participate in the 2017 World Heavyweight Championship with the 919 Hybrid , picked up the same car and altered it to make it faster (thus failing to comply with any kind of regulation), only to beat a record that belonged to the late driver Stefan Bellof, killed by a Porsche, who would establish the best lap of the circuit in 1983, during qualifying practice for the 1000 km Nürburgring.

The I.D. R is extremely efficient and fast but, like Porsche, it is not comparable with any other vehicle that runs on the German track, where all standard cars will try to achieve the best lap time to boast of being the best of their respective segments. But it is easier to understand the option of VW, which is in the process of launching a full range of battery-powered vehicles, starting with I.D. to be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, which is why it is committed to proving that electric locomotion is as fast or faster than models with combustion engines.

While there is no way to set a good time at the Nürburgring, VW has to deal with Peugeot's reaction to the German record at the Pikes Peak Ramp. In the ascent with 20 km, curiously almost as much as it has the layout of the German track that the German builder will face next, the I.D. R became the new record-holder (7.57.148) among electric-propelled cars. But he also beat the fastest time overall (8.13.878), which belonged to Sébastien Loeb, in the Peugeot 208 T16.

In an interview with Top Gear, the director of Peugeot Sport, Bruno Famin, was not surprised by VW I.D. R, with only 680 hp and a generous 1100 kg, beat the 208 T16, which announced 875 hp and 975 kg. He said he "hoped the Germans had done better", than to beat the time of the French car in almost 17 seconds in 2013, according to him, "there is at least another 10 to 15 seconds to retire to the record" .

Asked if Peugeot would return to the American ramp, to recover the best time it once was, Famin confessed that this "will not happen in the near future", since developing a vehicle specifically for this purpose "involves a considerable investment." Which, apparently, the French are saving for a special event – which is pity, since a battle between them would work wonders to the competition.

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