Volkswagen electric car is cheaper than Tesla cars


Electric Car - Volkswagen Sedan ID

Volkswagen has made huge strides in the electric car market and has an asset to compete on an equal footing with market leader and electric pioneer, Tesla, created by today's entrepreneur Elon Musk.

This trump is a new model cheaper than the Tesla models, which is incredible, since Tesla is the only one that produces electrical in scale. Here you will know everything about this new model.

According to Reuters, Volkswagen will launch an electric car that will cost about $ 23,000.

This figure is much cheaper than Tesla models, about $ 12,000 cheaper.

Responsible for this novelty is the MEB (modular electric steering matrix) platform, which was developed by Volkswagen, with the intention of manufacturing 200,000 cars in three exclusive factories to produce electric cars.

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The first model with these incredible values ​​should be the sedan I.D. This model should be the first model on the market, probably in 2020, with production of 100 thousand units. All in all, the bold goal of the German automaker is to sell 10 million cars over the years.

The reason for all this effort is not just caring about the environment, but also because several German cities are banning diesel cars, and this is causing a lot of layoffs.

The result is that even with all this effort to produce electric cars in large quantities, Volkswagen will cut 14,000 service jobs by 2020.



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