Vítor Catão: "Vieira asked me to 'give Francisco J. Marques a itch' – Sports


Vítor Catão, director of S. Pedro da Cova, assured during an exclusive interview with CMTV that Benfica, through Luís Filipe Vieira, gave him 200,000 euros to put a GPS in the car of Pinto da Costa, "give a scrape" to Francisco J. Marques and corrupt referees and players.

Vítor Catão announces alleged Vieira audios exclusively on CMTV

"I went to Vieira's new office in Seixal, and I talked to him.I have the video I'm in. Vieira asked me for three things: first, to put a lapa in Pinto da Costa's car (I do not know what it is ), and I have witnesses, and then asked to get someone to give Francisco J. Marques a big scratch to put him in a coma, "he began by saying, adding that this amount would also serve to" negotiate referees and players for Benfica to win . "

Russians behind Rui Pinto
Cato said that there are several Russians in Portugal to kill Rui Pinto: "In our country, three lawyers are sent in Lisbon, not the Prime Minister, three or four Russians are being killed here to kill Rui Pinto. cause of FC Porto, Benfica or Sporting.This is because he entered the website of these lawyers and discovered two things that, if they come to the fore, Portugal dies.

"They go Russians in Portugal to kill Rui Pinto", says Vítor Catão


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