The saddest moment in the life of Fernanda de Oliveira Ribeiro was at the service of SIC – A Televisão


During the last few days, and the eyedropper, SIC reporters dismissed the old studios of the canal in Carnaxide, due to the change of facilities to Paço de Arcos. One of them was Fernanda de Oliveira Ribeiro, who at the end of the First Journal, on Saturday, recalled that it was within that space that she received the worst news of her life.

"Here we have gained strength for the next challenge and that strength comes from everyone. Those who are, those who have departed forever, those who have changed course but have helped to erect SIC, brick by brick. We will always be a family, "the SIC reporter began at the moment when, for the last time, the presentation of the 'First Journal' was finished in the old studios of Carnaxide.

Then he focused attention on his personal life. He explained that he even presented the news in the same chair during the period of gestation, but that he was a little later in the newsroom and that he received the "worst news" of his life. "Back in the newsroom, I received the worst news of my life: the death of my father. And they gave me the first hug of consolation, "he reminded the pivot.


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