'The Price Right' continues to supplant SIC and TVI – The Television


'The Price Right' continues to supplant SIC and TVI – The Television

Yesterday was another day when Fernado Mendes returned to prove which side is the victory in the hearings during the track that precedes the beginning of prime time. O game show of RTP closed the day's accounts with a comfortable lead over the competitors of the private.

The Right Price was the most watched show on the public radio station yesterday with an average of 10.1 percentage points of average audience and 24.0% market share, ensuring a 2.9% rating in relation to both competitors of the commercial stations.

Fisrt Dates and The Love Cart, TVI and SIC, respectively, obtained the same percentage of rating and share, registering in this way a technical tie. 7.2% of the average audience and 17.0% of market share were the results obtained by the programs of Fatima Lopes and Diana Chaves.


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