the Google keyboard will receive these functions for Android


It was already a great keyboard for Android devices and now will get even better with the arrival of a whole range of features. The Google keyboard, the Gboard, is even more versatile. Come on, we analyze the news and we elaborate a practical guide to be able to anticipate to the other users.

The application has received a strong boost in productivity and we are sure you will like these new assets.

    Gboard Android keyboard Google

This effective keyboard, for Android and iOS, is about to receive the clipboard or the Transfer Zone in good English. In fact, you can already try out and use the news through the test version (Beta) of the app for Android devices. In effect, the new update reinforces its productivity.

Gboard – the Google keyboard

Due to our daily use, we may need to copy and paste the most diverse information to send it next. However, it is not really convenient to repeat this process over and over, when the need so requires and Google knows this. Now with the new Clipboard we have the solution.

Imagine a scenario where you have to send someone several pieces of information. Usually have to copy and then paste on the keyboard, each one of them. What if we told you that now you can speed up this whole task? Yes, you can copy all the information you want to the Clipboard and then paste it all.

The first reports of this function arose even in October of 2018, then by the hand of the portal XDA Developers. Now, months later, it finally reaches the beta version of the Android application. As such, if you want to use them before the others, you will have to enroll in the testing program through this link.

    Gboard Android keyboard Google

Once you have registered, you will receive an update on your Android device that will include it in the Gboard test program. Once the process is finished, you will start receiving the news as long as it reaches the beta version of this keyboard, but if you want to exit, you only have to uninstall the application and reinstall the normal version.

Clipboard came to the Google keyboard

The new area will serve as a repository of information that can be used, stored and then discarded at will. All this so you do not have to switch so often between multiple windows or applications within your Android device. So, just copy everything at once, then enjoy.

    Gboard Android keyboard Google

Once you have the beta on your Android device, open an application that uses the keyboard. For example, the messages or SMSs. Then, when typing a message, the Google keyboard will display a single colored symbol or button with Google's "G". Click same button, as indicated by the arrow, above.

What's new in the beta for Android

From there you can activate the clipboard inside the Gboard, a place where you can store various pieces of information, just as if it were a wardrobe or notepad that you can paste and send, without wasting any more time. In practice, we have a repository of information accessible at any time and in any app that uses the Google keyboard, clipboard be organized as you see fit.

The Google keyboard will suggest you some organizing options for the clipboard, but if you have not yet found the function, do not worry. Once you have cleaved the colored "G", you will have the back arrow, the images icon, GIF, one-handed mode, the settings, and finally the three points or ellipses. Click here.

A Clipboard on the Gboard keyboard

From the ellipsis (more options), you will find several options. Namely: the option to change Google Keyboard Theme, Clipboard, Text Editing, Translator and Floating. In this case the function we want is the Clipboard so you should select it.

Once inside this Area, you will find the various examples of information that you can put there. From there, you can select text snippets at any point or application on your Android device. By sending them to this new location, you can then use this information quickly and conveniently.

Now, enjoy this new "toolkit" that will increase keyboard productivity. In a last note, this distribution also includes stability enhancements and various bug fixes. This is the version distributed on April 2 –



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