Wednesday , April 14 2021

The emotional toast that Elizabeth II dedicated to Prince Charles on his 70th birthday – Observer

Last Wednesday Prince Charles turned 40 and the event was celebrated with pomp and circumstance. In the family event in which the British Royal House gathered to celebrate the round date, there was a special moment starring the mother of the birthday girl, Queen Elizabeth II. At age 92, the monarch moved all those who attended the party at Buckingham Palace when she gave an emotional address where she spoke of how special it was to see her son become septuagenarian.

According to the magazine Hello, the tribute of Isabel II stood out mainly for being something informal, when compared with other solemn moments usually associated with the British royal family.

"It is a privilege for any mother to be able to toast her son's 70th birthday," said Isabel II. "It means we live long enough to see our son grow up. It's like using an analogy that everyone will understand: planting a tree and being able to see it grow. "

After highlighting, he remembered his own seventieth birthday, celebrated in 1996 and attended by his mother, Isabel I, who died in 2002. "My mother saw me turn 70, of course, and commented that 70 is the exact age at which the number of candles on the birthday cake exceeds the breath we still have to extinguish them. "

At the end of her intervention, Isabel left aside her role as the maximum representative of the British monarchy to let her maternal side come from above: "Over the last 70 years, Filipe and I [seu marido] we saw Carlos become an advocate of the arts, a true leader in the cause of solidarity and a wonderful father. He is a dedicated and respectful heir to the throne capable of being side-by-side with any other monarch in history. Above all, with the help of his wife Camilla, he is a serious, passionate and creative man. This toast serves to wish my son a happy birthday. To you, Carlos. To the Prince of Wales. "

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