The BALL – UEFA keeps dragons under surveillance and porters highlight entry "in the last year of implementation of the agreement" (FC Porto)


UEFA announced on Wednesday by a statement that FC Porto remains one of the six clubs under liquidation under the process of fair-play financial rules; as was foreseen.

CFR Cluj (Romania), Galatasaray (Turkey), Kairat Almaty (Kazakhstan), Marseille (France) and Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel) are in the same situation. Three of these (CFR Cluj, Kairat Almaty and Marseilles) have, however, entered into settlement agreements.

Here is the statement:

"The CF Chamber of Investigation of the Club Financial Controls announced today that three clubs, CFR Cluj, FK Kaïrat Almaty and Olympique Marseille, which were investigated after breaching the Financial Fair Play Financial Regulations (FFP), arrived individually settlement agreements.

With the conclusion of these new agreements, six clubs will be in the 2019/20 season: CFR Cluj, Galatasaray SK, FK Kairat Almaty, Olympique Marseille, Maccabi Tel Aviv and FC Porto.

FC Porto, on the other hand, reacted to UEFA's note:

"UEFA confirmed today that FC Porto will be settled in 2019/20, which means that it will enter the final year of the implementation of the Financial Fair Play agreement. FC Porto welcomes UEFA's recognition of the agreement's overall compliance, "said the Dragons on the official website.


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