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THE BALL – «There is something that may be weighing us but we have to overcome» (Benfica)

In an interview with the agency France PressBruno Lage emphasized the importance of betting on the player 'made in Seixal' for the ongoing European project at Benfica.

«The start of Benfica's success began 15 years ago, when it began to look at the Benfica-trained player as a priority. It is crucial to understand that we are not betting on the player alone, it has to have quality and competence, so that we feel that it can be an immediate asset and help team A to be more competitive. underline the eagle coach.

"You have to be aware of the number of young players who have played for Benfica," he said, "out of necessity and sometimes not being able to keep them at home." early career.

“Right now we have the facilities and the financial capacity, we have to have the ability and competence to hold on to young talent. Right now we have as an option for right defense [Nélson] Semedo or João Cancelo, one is at Barcelona, ​​the other at Juventus. It is to project this in the future. Fifteen years ago, when the vision of the president and his board of directors saw this project based on Seixal, the first idea would be for team A to win titles and dominate Portuguese football, based on players from the squad. Last year we achieved this, not only for the young players, but also with the happiness of having a home product at the head of the coaching staff. Now is to take that step: we have the facilities to do a work of excellence and stable financial health, now, where possible, we must hold on to the young people of great value who can give us an even more competitive team to succeed in Europe. ” pointed out Bruno Lage.

“We have to take safe and forward steps to bring this domination-dominated Benfica into the European Benfica we all want: the president, the coach, the players. The greatness of the club thus compels us to think, we have to have that mindset, ”he emphasized.

But there are obstacles to overcome.

“There is one thing that may be weighing us down but one that we have to overcome, which is to bring to the present and to each game the experiences of the past. And in the recent past, international experiences have not been favorable. We have to take advantage of the moment each Champions League game offers us to test our worth and competence, and not bring into play the negative experiences of the past, ”he noted.

Lyon are the next opponents in Champions League Group G. And victory is the only outcome that serves the eagle's design.

«Lyon have an excellent team, individual values ​​and enormous collective value. We will have to be at our best level, both in game and mentality, to win, ”he said.

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