THE BALL – Mourinho believes in surprising final (Champions League)


Can Ajax and Tottenham aspire to the Champions League? José Mourinho thinks so. Even if in the final the opponent gives the name of Barcelona or Liverpool, teams that measure forces in the other semi-final.

"I would not be surprised if Ajax or Tottenham won the Champions League. Okay, maybe it was a bit surprising, but I would not be shocked because they're in the semi-finals and one of them will be in the final. And the final is final, it's 90 minutes, it's the game of a career for many, "said the Portuguese coach, in statements to RT.

In the phase to eliminate, left the Ajax by the way the powerful Real Madrid and Juventus. Tottenham have already moved away from Dortmund and Manchester City.

«The Ajax is a giant tumba, Tottenham can not say the same because Manchester City has no tradition of success in the Champions League. But they are a top team in England and they can also win. It's 50/50, "he said.


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