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THE BALL – «How can these figures continue to participate in Benfica games?» (FC Porto)

Through publication Daily Dragons, FC Porto reinforces the criticism of the match between SC Braga and Benfica.

The blues and whites point to "mistakes" of the team led by Tiago Martins for the benefit of Benfica, in counterpoint to what they claim to have happened in Vila do Conde, where Sérgio Conceição's team left two points "due to mistakes but also with reasons for the arbitration. "

"The 31st round was a farce and ended with a classification that does not reflect the sporting truth of what happened on the field," it is argued.

FC Porto points the finger at three referees in particular – João Pinheiro, Bruno Esteves and Bruno Paixão – and leaves the question: "How can you continue to participate in Benfica games?"

Publication in full:

The farce
The 31st day of the Portuguese League was another farce and ended with a classification that does not reflect the sporting truth of what happened in the field. After FC Porto tied for their own mistakes but also with legitimate reasons for the referee's complaint, Benfica suffered from bare mistakes to win in Braga yesterday.

With the home side ahead, the second half was marked by a succession of scandals. The images speak for themselves:

1. Benfica's first goal comes from a penitent invented;

2. João Félix escaped the second yellow with the game tied – and was only tied, remember, because Benfica benefited from a penitential invented;

3. Benfica's second goal is a penalty for a handball that is less evident than the one that was not signaled in favor of FC Porto in Vila do Conde when Rúben Semedo was particularly ostensible in the way he played the ball with the hand;

4. Later, with Benfica to win 3-1 with these two penalties, Florentino twice escaped expulsion.

That is, Benfica enjoyed a penultimate ridiculous, had another that revealed a colossal difference of criteria compared to what happens in the matches of Porto, managed to end the encounter with 11 players when he should have finished with nine, and thanks to that will be able to use John Félix and Florentino, who were to be suspended, in the reception Portimonense.

The faces of the farce

This and other farces, like the one that three weeks ago ended with Benfica's victory at the Fair, are only possible because there are those who are willing to lead them. And there are figures that stand out.

One of them is Joao Pinheiro, the famous Mostovoi, who yesterday, in the role of video arbiter, did not notice the gross simulation of João Felix that was worth the first penultimate Benfica – the club that a few years ago came his complaints when things did not run well, with Nuno Cabral as an intermediary. It was also João Pinheiro who refereed Feirense-Benfica, this time in the field.

Another figure in prominence is Bruno Esteves, who does not serve to be arbiter but serves to be video-arbiter. It was he who held this role on Friday in the game of Vila do Conde, and could not see any penultimate in favor of FC Porto. A few years ago, it was pointed out as one of the great hopes of the Portuguese clergy.

Finally, there is Bruno Miguel Duarte Paixão, a classic, who debuted to decisively influence a championship almost 20 years ago, when he did not see any penultimate in a Campomaiorense-FC Porto that no one forgets. He has in common with Bruno Esteves the fact that he only serves for video-arbiter, a condition in which he participated in Feirense-Benfica. And he shares with João Pinheiro the apparent habit of complaining to Nuno Cabral and that these complaints end up in the hands of the then legal director of Benfica.

Given these facts, two questions remain: how can these figures continue to arbitrate? And, above all, how can you continue to participate in Benfica games?

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