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THE BALL – Gomes da Silva talks about Vieira's strategy after failing in Champions (Benfica)

Already a candidate for the upcoming elections at Benfica, Rui Gomes da Silva speaks of shame over his 13 defeats in his last 17 Champions League games, pointing his finger again at Luís Filipe Vieira.

"This is not the European Benfica we want or deserve .. but it is the European Benfica they give us," writes Rui Gomes da Silva on the New Generation Benfica Blog, projecting: "It will not be difficult to imagine the scenes of the next chapters."

«With Luis Filipe Vieira shaking the water from his coat, following the choices of the coach who said" having a squad that gave him all the guarantees ". All this – as we have already seen – with the help of some news of the day … able to announce, on the same day, something and its opposite, … all with the “help” of this machine that was mounted next door from Colombo, creator of a virtual reality as incredible as it is contradictory, as false as it is dazzling, ”continues the former vice president of the incarnated club.

«After Lyon, SAD will want to change everything! From “strong convictions to win” we come to “save who can lose”. With one concern: stay there! All summed up in Bruno Lage's statement at the end of the Lyon game with a “maybe we have to go to the market”! That is, now they will invest in the team, ”he points out, with perspective:“ Where “Benfica Passion ends and Benfica Business begins”. ”

Still, Gomes da Silva is convinced that the team will be able to revalidate the title of national champion. «With each other facing a crisis that has been going on for so long and there is no way to end it (despite the affection and support it deserves from the“ Benfica structure ”, always concerned about … Sporting) and others not playing anything but having a great time (at night, for the purpose of any celebration), and with the lucky star that accompanies the champions, it is certainly best to go again to the Marquis in May! »

«But will it come? We all begin to realize that no! Because by continuing to win inside as we have won and continuing to lose outside as we have lost, we will no longer count for what matters, in the football that will rule the world. And – then yes – we can sell anything that has quality in Seixal at 18 … because the Benfica that these gentlemen are "remodeling" will not exist in Europe of football! ", Shoots.

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