Tuesday , September 21 2021

Tension with Cristina Ferreira? Helena Coelho responds to rumors – News

Helena Coelho was unable to remain indifferent to a news that came out about herself and Cristina Ferreira, which gave an account of a moment of tension because of the audiences of the program ‘Viva Vida’, presented in partnership with Ruben Rua.

“Moment of tension? Why was I biting my nails? Is it because my gel nail opened here on one side and I was listening to Cristina carefully and was having fun on my nails. That was all”, he noticed.

However reflects: “They had already warned me that things were like this, but I still didn’t realize”.

“It was a very lively meeting, with a lot of good humor, we spent the day laughing, zero tension, we were just organizeus because we are going to record the program tomorrow and Cristina is at home “, he guaranteed, realizing that such information does not correspond to the truth.

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