Secretariat of Health delivers mosquito nets and repellents to users and users of UBS Jacumã and Carapibus


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The City of Conde, through the Health Department, held on Wednesday (19), the delivery of mosquito nets and repellents in the regions of Jacumã and Carapibus. The action is part of preventive care in the fight against malaria. The municipality recorded 12 cases of the disease that is caused by protozoa transmitted by the infected female of the Anopheles mosquito.

The delivery of the materials was directed to people who are benefited by programs of the Federal Government, such as Bolsa Família, socially vulnerable people, pregnant women, puerperal women, bedridden people and people with disabilities who are cared for by the Basic Health Units Jacumã and Carapibus . In this action were delivered 900 mosquito nets and more than 300 repellents.

The Secretariat of Health Renata Martins reinforces the care and precautions that the population must have, noting that at the first sign of fever, the person should seek the Basic Health Unit closer to his or the Emergency Room (Policlínica), in the Center of Count. "This is a struggle where the contribution of everyone is needed. All our skippets are able to do the rapid or thick gout tests and in the case of a positive result, the municipality of Conde offers the necessary medication so that the patient can start the treatment as quickly as possible, "he said.

The Secretary stressed that it is of fundamental importance that people do not self-medicate and that Community Health Agents (ACS) and Agents to Combat Endemics (ACE) are working daily in the active search for possible foci for mosquito development in the localities considered as "hot areas", that is, in the regions where people had the disease, as well as in the search for patients with suspected symptoms and performing the necessary tests.

During the days of June celebrations in the center of the city and also in the communities, the teams will be on call in the Attendance If people have doubts or are with some symptom, they can contact in the phone (83) 98187-6740.

Smoke car services, indoor spraying, and distribution of information material for the population are also continuing. The material delivered to the population on Wednesday also serves as prevention for other diseases, such as dengue zyka and chicungunya.


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