Saturday , October 23 2021

Samsung records all the Portuguese Coast in panoramic photography


The latest project from Samsung came up with the intention of registering much, or even the entire Portuguese Coast in panoramic photography. Thus, the technological challenged a photographer, a chronicler, as well as a sailor to embark on a new adventure off the coast of Portugal. They were about 943 km.

At the end of the trip, on May 28, there were hundreds of images captured with a Galaxy S10 +.

Samsung Portuguese Coast panoramic photo

It was an ambitious undertaking in which the camera chosen was the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. The top-of-the-range Android smartphone from the world's largest maker of mobile devices was the "weapon" of André Carvalho, the chosen photographer. It was by his hand that the Portuguese Coast was registered.

Samsung and the Portuguese Coast

The chosen modality was the panoramic photograph that gives us a complete and comprehensive view of the Portuguese coast. Thus, according to Samsung itself, the results (panoramic views) can be consulted on this link. Likewise, the images of the frames can be observed in this connection.

Panoramic photographs were collected over eight days and 420 nautical miles. In short, a large part, or almost all, of the Portuguese Coast was covered in this publicity effort. Always with the intention of promoting the best of Portugal as well as the best smartphone from Samsung.

The initiative of Samsung did not go unnoticed to the president of Tourism of Portugal, Luís Araújo who commented the following:

It is a creative and innovative way to promote our country and its natural resources. Portugal is increasingly sought after by major brands to appealingly promote their products. This Samsung action that promotes one of our main assets - the Sea, together with our Atlantic Coast - will complement the performance of Turismo de Portugal in foreign markets, where we have recently been developing some actions to promote Portugal as a tourist destination .

The coastline captured in panoramic photography

There were many hours in the sun, as well as hundreds of shots to capture the Portuguese Coast. Still, for the photographer André Carvalho the experience was "incomparable". This was responsible for the registration of our coast in a series of images compiled according to the panoramic arrangement.

The results, the final photograph as well as other captured material can be consulted in this link.

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