Saturday , October 23 2021

Rui Maria Pêgo shares old photo "before being a father" – The Television


Rui Maria Pêgo surprised the followers of the Instagram by sharing an old photograph, when she was 22 years old. Much has happened since then, and Júlia Pinheiro's son did a retrospective.

"At 22 in Amsterdam. Before Trump; of Brexit; the Conan and the Savior; even instagram; of marriage and adoption by couples lgbtqi + in PT; living in NY; of the Son of the Mother; coming out; the mega; of the Ministry of Culture; of Bento; of FCSH; of the emmy (2025); Francisca and Benedita; of the end of the CC; from Q Avenue; the drones, the crisis, Pabblo and Rosalia; of my relationship with Sufjan Stevens; to move house 4 times; to shoot me from an airplane; of going to Laos, to Iceland, to South Africa or Carne Assada; of general television; to license me (2019?); to be a father (2029?); yours; to realize the importance of giving space and voice to others; and a thousand other things that will never belong to this feed, "wrote Rui Maria Pêgo in the image caption.

The communicator did not finish the publication without first saying: "So much life. So many people. Thanks a lot. I'm grateful! " Followers of Rui Maria Pêgo have commented on the image leaving words of affection: "Congratulations on personal growth! So much has happened between a picture and now, but the genuine smile remains "is just an example. But there is more: "You are a very special person. I like you very much "or" Beautiful and with a giant heart "are other comments that can be read in Rui's Instagram.

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