Resident goes to police for water puddles Regional Diary


Physiotherapist Josilene Geralda Ferreira, 51, went to the Civil Police to file a complaint against the city of Rio Preto on account of an Aedes aegypti mosquito infestation at her home in Jardim Soraia, where she lives with two children. Pots of water on the street are pointed by the resident as breeding grounds of the mosquito. The case must be investigated by the 7th Police District.

The bulletin was registered at the police station on the 19th, and she "reports that her residence is on a corner and that there were two water ditches on the road." According to the complaint, the problem has occurred since April.

A Laborclin lab test attests that the woman had "acute" dengue on May 2. Through the bulletin, the resident said that "contacted the Health Department and also with the Sanitary Surveillance and, because there was no return, decided to register (the occurrence)," he says. She says the daughter also has symptoms of the disease.

This Friday, 21, the Diary was in the residence. The outside area of ​​the house was filled with mosquitoes. "I pass poison, but no use, they flee and settle elsewhere," said the physiotherapist. At the outlets there were still electrical insecticides that also did not scare the mosquitoes. "Nobody leaves anything open, I've been closed for days because if they open they go inside everything," he said.

In the streets near the house, there were puddles of still water. "It is a water that runs straight and to the ditches, whether it is raining or not the water is running," said the resident.

According to the Municipal Health Secretary, Aldenis Borim, in these cases, the procedure adopted by the pulp is to activate health agents to locate the focus of mosquitoes proliferation and perform the treatment within a radius of 100 meters. On the possible proliferation of Aedes aegypti in the puddles in the streets, Borim said that the possibility is smaller, since there is movement of water by cars. "In that case it may have some unverified focus on the region," he said.

The Vigilance team went to the site on Friday and reported that there is a "gap in the gutter causing the pluvial water to settle in." The irregularity was found in two points of said corner, but without the presence of Culicidae larvae. was treated with larvicide and the competent secretariats for proper adaptation will be activated, "informed the Environmental Surveillance coordinator, Abner Alves.


The latest epidemiological bulletin released by the Health on Wednesday, 19, confirmed 26,380 cases of dengue in Rio Preto and 13 deaths from the epidemic this year. By the balance sheet, 3,210 notifications are still under investigation with a positive trend trend for most cases – the mean number of confirmed cases suspected so far is 78%.

At the beginning of the year, the Health Department had planned 20,000 cases. The numbers put Rio Preto as the city with the highest number of dengue cases in the State of São Paulo. Bauru, which ranked first in the ranking at the beginning of the year, recorded 22,484 confirmed incidents and 28 deaths.


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