PSD Ponta do Sol strikes back and criticizes Célia Pessegueiro


"Contrary to what Celia Pessegueiro falsely told DAILY, the PSD considers it to be in the best interest of Ponta do Sol to build a new fleet. But you have reasons to ask questions about your chosen location. " This is how local social democrats react.

And they continue: "As it has been apanágio of this vereação, the documentation arrived at the hour (in other situations it was delivered after the legal term), not having the PSD time for an appropriate analysis of the situation. And from the outset it seems to us that this subject deserves a wider discussion, since what is at stake is the transfer of a privileged space of our County, where investment has already been made to create a garden, playground and parking public advantage ", justifies the taking of a position.

They also consider that "there are no external opinions (which are binding) that validate the choice of plot of land". Even more, they emphasize, "because it is land near the river. We want to make sure that in case of inclement weather, the PSP is ready to help, and does not need help itself. "

They consider that the "hasty and short-sighted" form as the PS executive has found a place for the future squadron "leads us to believe that it is a purely political agenda and not in the interest of the common good, since we are on the eve of acts major regional and national elections. "

They clarify that there is no "jealousy" or otherwise any sentiment such as the mayor of the county fed yesterday so they have to have voted against.

"This childish discourse is made by the lady [presidente] which refuses, not infrequently, to give continuity to what began before itself. The same lady who for a year and a half had boasted of "unlocking a problem that had lasted for many years". How many times have you said that you have unlocked the same problem? ", They asked in an extensive statement that our newspaper had access.

They claim that Célia Pessegueiro only "executed 27% of the investment proposed in its own budget" and criticized "ferociously the existence of a third party debt to the municipality (which was decreasing), and that under its mandate saw this debt worsened by 42% ".

The PSD draws people's attention to these facts, stating that "the strength of the President and her supporters is only rhetoric, deceptive speech, the launching of rumors in social networks, the distortion of reality, the excuses and the shaking of responsibilities ".


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