Pedro Ramos attacks critics of the Quinceiros


The regional secretary of Health this afternoon to Porto Moniz to deliver material to the Association of Elderly and used to counter attack who criticizes the state of degradation of the hospital of the Marmeleiros. Declarations understood at the time as an authentic response to the former socialist and hotel manager, Antonio Trindade, who for two days regretted the precariousness of the health unit.

"SESARAM is in a phase of organizational and planning change and these changes take place in all areas, especially in some areas of Health which, because they are old, need some intervention, which is what is happening in the Hospital of the Marmeleiros ", observed the ruler who continued the counterattack.

"Although some who only visit it sporadically, have the need to make derogatory comments about a health unit, which has a history that can not be forgotten, can not be ignored," said Pedro Ramos.

The tutelary of the Government Health portfolio led by Miguel Albuquerque recalled that the intervention that focuses on the external area of ​​the building, "will continue from the second half of 2019 in the internal area, providing the hospital with other conditions," namely human and at the equipment level, but also in the recovery of materials, windows, bathrooms.

"All will undergo an intervention that will allow this hospital to continue to play a positive role in the regional health system, as it has been doing in the last 80 years," he said.

After a visit by Antonio Trindade to a close relative, he did not refrain from commenting on his facebook page: "I can not help expressing in this space the feeling of revolt and desolation in the face of what is presented to me. Before the devotion of a medical and nursing class, to whom I pay my full honor, the state of such great deterioration of a building (exteriors, interiors, walls, doors, floors, equipment, etc.) that over-crowded can not do minimally in the face of something that can be considered as a worthy response to the needs of a debated and often desperate population. "

And he concluded: "Managing is a lot, setting priorities and facing a region with an inverted pyramid, health will have to take a place first," he said, arguing that "it is not enough to speak in a new public hospital, hypotheses, will be operational within 6 or 7 or 8 years. "

Pedro Ramos's reply took two days.


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