Nokia came back … But are you already in trouble again?


Nokia 3310

Nokia came back … But are you already in trouble again? – Nokia is one of the most recognized mobile phone manufacturers in the world! His domain was a constant in the 90's … And his downfall was also one of the most counted stories on the market.

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Having said all this, in recent years, the brand that everyone, or almost everyone knows, has returned to the limelight! By the hand of HMD Global, and at the beginning, it even seemed like things were going well.

However, many experts are now beginning to show some concern … But why? After all, what's up with Nokia?

In fact, the new Nokia, despite being good smartphones, always hit the market with some bugs a little uncomfortable. What in the beginning, several users 'apologized', for being a small and new company in the market.

And as the bugs were resolved, consumers forgot.

But unfortunately, things have not improved … Quite the contrary.

It is that the company continues to launch new handsets in the market, with 22 smartphones to support. And apparently, HMD Global has not grown enough to shoulder these responsibilities.

That said, although Nokia is far more efficient at updating Android compared to other major rivals. The truth is, the updates have now begun to be postponed. Namely, the very important move for Android Q.

Subsequently, we also had a very recent security problem. In which several Nokia smartphones have been 'caught up' to send sensitive information to third-party servers.

In addition to all this, we also have the Nokia 9

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As you may know, Nokia 9 is the current top of the range HMD Global, with the goal of representing everything the brand has to offer in the Android market. After all, this smartphone was launched, with its bold design, and 5 rear cameras, to put the Nokia name on the market seriously.

To deep down, bring consumers back to talk about the product of this company, and of course, to try to enter the 'Premium'

However, even after being postponed in 2018, the Nokia 9 remains an incomplete mobile phone. Despite their potential, there are bugs a bit everywhere, especially in the cameras, which in the background, should be the strongest point of the smartphone.

If you read or see some reviews, the conclusions are always more or less the same … "Do not buy, or at least wait for the next update."

So the smartphone that should have put Nokia on the map … You did the exact opposite!

Nokia (HMD Global) has focused on launching several handsets instead of working on software issues … Something that has now begun to impact sales

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So, as we can see on the graph, after a brutal start, it seems that the company has entered a stage of stagnation.

Of course selling almost 20 million smartphones on the market, when you enter the race in 2017, not bad … But on the other hand, if a company with only two years has already stagnated, something happens.

It is true that Nokia recently entered the United States, which will undeniably help in sales. But in Europe, however, the brand began to lose market share.

The employees have already come to the public to say that things are not well within HMD Global!

In the website '', Where the employees of several companies, make analysis to their course, giving a classification. HMD Global has a terrible rating, with several staff members pointing the finger at management.

With many stating that the company is now under tremendous stress.

In short, the entire smartphone market is currently struggling, with consumers choosing to hold their hands for a while rather than buying new ones. It is something that is affecting Apple and even Samsung, which with the Galaxy S10, has returned to the limelight.

So, none of this means that Nokia will disappear again …

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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